Basic Mountaineering Training

Place on mountaineering training in Nepal

  1. Langtang region
  2. Everest region

Date: - December /January
Days 31 days

  • Know select, and Use ice climbing equipments,
  • Ice axe selection, cramponing techniques,
  • Belaying techniques, anchor points in snow and ice ,
  • Crevasse rescue, self rescue
  • Waterfall and ice cascades climb,
  • Preparation, organization of action
  • Mountain terminology
  • Glacier Travels
  • Fix rope system
  • Navigation map, compass and Altimeters
  • Mountain weather, objective hazards rock fall & ice fall
  • Alpine system techniques
  • Peak Ascent around 6000m high.
Rock Climbing

Introduction to Basics of Rock Climbing
For 4 days/place- Rani ban Balaju near Kathmandu
This program we recommend for absolutely beginners in Climbing

  • First steps on rock, use and select the equipment
  • Rope work and knot practice
  • Knots
  • Belaying at all surface
  • Rappelling
  • Top rope climbing
  • Safety method
Intermediate Rock Climbing

for 4 days/ place- Rani ban Balaju near Kathmandu

  • Introduction in the sport climbing, top roping, long alpine ascents
  • Placements, anchors, belaying devices, ascenders self arrest
  • Rappelling
  • Lowering
  • Safety method
Rock Climbing Level-1

for 14 days/ place- Rani ban Balaju near Kathmandu/ Hattiiban / Bimalnagar/ Pokhara

  • Climbing techniques, anchors, protection devices
  • Using devices
  • Belaying, lead climbing, Rappelling, knots
  • How to lead clients or friends, using 1 rope and 2 ropes
  • Pitch climbing system
  • Rescues System
  • Lowering system
  • Safety method
Latest News

After 10 days I am very pleased to be able to say we’ve had success beyond our expectations. Social organization within the village was very smooth and productive although village meetings in Nepal require significant patience.

Gore Pani Trek
Gore Pani Trek

This trek is a wonderful opportunity to witness the beauty of the Annapurna region with a shorter trek. The trip starts just north of the city of Pokhara and winds through the Poon Hill